1 baby/babies need a baby daddy?
need a baby daddy?
Hey, guys! Well .. you can call me Rally. :D I'm 14, from Bulgaria and I'm a huge fan of Jean... obviously :P This blog is my baby and I really hope that you are all having fun raising it with me :D xx
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Awh, I can’t wait ‘til the next week’s episode! It’s gonna be awesome! <33

Okaaaay .. so after the last night episode of “Baby Daddy” I totally ship Danny & Riley <33 And .. I love Ben, but how could he be such a jerk? Btw: Danny is way much hotter after we saw him shirtless :D You can expect gifs from the last three episodes these days. :)

Anonymous said: I heard there was a kiss coming up with Riley. Who do you think she kissed?

If she kissed him … I think it’s Ben.

Anonymous said: every time i look at your sidebar picture, i have an eye-gasm

haha I’m glad :P :D

probably one of the most adorable father/daughter moments in the show so far <3

good point! :D

I uploaded the files from photobucket ‘cos they were too big .. :X

haha :D